Counted Cross Stitch Designs With Charmed Embellishments


Sea Shells

Sand Dollar

Brush Teeth

Wash Hands

Have Heart

Celtic Clover

Belfry Bat

Count Candy

Jeepers Creepers

Jolly Jack

Sugar Skull

Snow Mittens

Faith Hope Love

Lady Liberty

Easter Rabbit

Lucky Leprechaun

Paws Purr

Paws Wag

Splish Splash

Love Letter

Tea Diva

Angels Sing

Christmas Carols

Kris Kringle

Pilgrims Pride

Rum Pa Pum

Yule Love

Autumn Acorn

Boo Bee

Crow Watch

Java Junkie

Peace Love

Punkin Patch

Snow Soul

Snow Wear

Sugar Spice

Sweet Tea

Warm Wish

Witch Craft

Witch Stitch

Witch Way

Yellow Snow

Bippity Boppity Boo

Cinder Cat

Turkey Time

Lake Life

Beach Huts

Tee Time

Baa Baa

Bird Bath

Garden Gnome

Sew What - Dress

Sew What - Heart

Stitch Time

Pumpkin Princess

Wicked Witch

Pumpkin Prowl

Pumpkin Poison

Pumpkin Peeper

Pumpkin Pussy

Blue Crab

Red Lobster

Cross Stitch

Freedom Flag

Black Jack

Frequent Flyer

Peace Dove

Witch Hat?

Ding Dong

Whoos Whoo?

Bunny Bait

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